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Catkin Outdoors offers a variety of activities for our enthusiasts who always have their bags packed for exciting adventures. Our team makes sure that you have the most comfortable experience while looking for a getaway. From summer camps in Manali to biking in Himachal, we provide you with the best services so that you are ready to take risks.

Below is the list of activities that Catkin Outdoors caters for the ones who are always ready to take a chance:


An outdoor activity that allows you to navigate a raft in gushing water, rafting is an adventure sport. It involves a certain level of difficulty due to the sudden waves in the water. This challenging activity requires you to follow the instructions carefully. Even non-swimmers and people with no experience can opt for it.


A combination of hiking and walking you can enjoy this expedition while admiring the landscape around you. It helps you connect to nature and your own self as well and is considered similar to meditation since it calms you. Sometimes trekking towards a particular destination can take several days, but the peace you feel afterward is worth the exertion.

Moving Camps

With Catkin Outdoors our moving camps let you discover various places instead of restricting you to one place. We let you explore multiple destinations comfortably.

In-house Camping

If you want to get away from the hustle-bustle of your daily life, in-house camping is one of the best options. With luxurious huts present in picturesque landscapes, the people who are comfortable staying indoors, get to experience a peaceful stay away from disturbance and noise.

Mountain Biking

With mountain biking, you can explore difficult trails and paths where cars don’t reach. It is an extremely adventurous sport where you get to ride the bikes on rough terrains. Riders carry a backpack, which has all the essential things that a person needs in case he encounters a difficulty. The activity is carried out in far-flung areas where there is no one except for other bikers, therefore, a person gets to connect to himself better.

At Catkin Outdoors, the best travel agency in India, we look forward to helping you choose an adventurous experience that lets you disconnect from everyone else and make peace with your being.