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Catkin outdoors is owned and run by a team of skillful and prompt professionals who have a deep knowledge in the field of adventure and travel sense. So, before stretching yourself have a full confidence in the staff. Safety is the key to success for any adventure camp. The company’s mission is to offer the clients highest level of safety.

The company promotes the following for safety:

Emotional safety

Catkin gives equal importance to physical and emotional safety as they understand that you are outside the comfort of your home and they ensure that your kids are taken care.

Certified instructors

Our leaders are certified instructors and undergo vigorous and meticulous instruction during the pre-season training.


By pushing yourself both physically and mentally and by taking risks within the safety standards leads to self-empowerment, courage, and most importantly a sense of trust builds up.

International Guidelines

Risk and management procedures are followed. International standards are on safety excellence on the recreation and equipment’s.


We provide a perfect accommodation for comfort with an ideal location. The view around is flawless and allow you to have an exceptional experience.

Motivating professionals

What can be better than a motivating professional guiding you all the way and encouraging you to take risks by comforting you and making sure that you are safe.

Travelling with us will surely give you memorable and a lifetime essaysessay writer