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1.Explore Some of the Best Outdoor Travel Experiences:- Catkin Outdoors enables enthusiasts to explore some of the Best Outdoor Travel Experiences in India.

2.Highly Experienced and Motivated Professionals:- A Travel & Tours Company owned and run by a Team of highly experienced and motivated professionals who have a passion and deep knowledge in the field of Outdoor, Adventure and Travel.

3.Create Your Own Stories:- We take you to the most unexplored places and let you create your own stories which are life-long.

4. Safe and Supportive Environment:- Experience a safe and supportive environment whilst doing a smorgasbord of sensory activities along with many opportunities to discover new things, develop new skills, and of course, have fun.

5. Destinations Not found on Regular Maps:- We make Destinations not found on regular Maps accessible to people who love discovering them by creating itineraries that will let you fully experience the culture of each destination.

6.Value For Money:- Spend less, explore more is what we preach. Walk through lush valleys, craggy mountains, high altitude cold deserts, winding rivers and dense forests without bothering your pocket.